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Zombi Power Tools

Zombi Power Tools is the alter ego of the American Lawn Mower Company. Established in 1895, the American Lawn Mower Company offers the best outdoor tools on the planet.  The company was founded by Robert Butler Kersey in 1895.  It then passed on to Robert Spencer Kersey, and then Robert Evans Kersey.  Today, Michael Kersey, the great grandson of Robert Butler Kersey, is President of the American Lawn Mower Co.   


Where to Buy

American Lawn Mower Company brands are offered for sale at most big box retailers, online retailers, co-ops, and many small hardware stores across the country.  American Lawn Mower is the creator of the Earthwise Tools and Great States brands, and offers reel lawn mowers under the Scotts brand as well.   Zombi Power Tools is the newest addition to the American Lawn Mower lineup, and is available at select retailers as well as this website. 


  • 7444 Shadeland Station Way, Indianapolis, IN 46256
  • Phone: [317] 392.3615